How To Accept Payments Through Your Website


How To Accept Payments Through Your Website

The Importance of Internet Merchant Accounts

When selling products or services on your website, you might be searching for the optimal method to accept online payments. By using an internet merchant account, you can process payments around the clock. Setting it up is straightforward; simply add a snippet of HTML code to your site, and then you’re all set to proceed.

Benefits of Partnering with AVPS for Your Payment Solutions

When you secure a merchant account for your website with AVPS, you actively ensure that our system processes payments through a safe payment gateway. Consequently, you don’t need a separate secure server. Not only can you determine the extent of information captured, but with an eCommerce solution like AVP Solutions, you have the flexibility to opt for an integrated shopping cart system or even an external one, given that most carts seamlessly align with our eCommerce framework.

Seamless Customer Experience

After setting up, customers can begin making purchases. Following their payment, both you and the customer will receive an email detailing the transaction.

Additional Features and Benefits

With a merchant account for your website, you will enjoy standard fraud protection and prevention mechanisms, online integrated business reports, the ability to customize email receipts, an automatically generated “Thank You” or “Sorry” page, the ability to add watermarks and logos to the order page and so much more. You don’t need a credit card machine and there is no hardware to purchase.

Virtual Terminal: A Game-Changer

Each AVPS eCommerce account also comes with a Virtual Terminal making it easy to process payments via a web browser. This is an excellent replacement for traditional credit card software and machines and is also more cost effective. The Virtual Terminal can handle credit card transactions that include sales, returns, recurring billing, forced tickets, voids, and more.

Why Choose an Internet Merchant Account?

An internet merchant account is the perfect solution whether you do all of your business through your website or you have a retail store but want to also provide your customers with the ability to make purchases online. Contact us today to learn more or to obtain your website merchant account.

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