Is There a Way Accept Checks Online?

Accept Checks Online

Is There a Way Accept Checks Online?

Every business needs to be able to accept checks as a form of payment, even if the business sells products or services partially or wholly online. This is still a very popular payment method and you do not want to lose sales because you can’t accept your customer’s preferred method of payment.

Can I accept checks online?

Yes, with a virtual merchant account you can accept checks online and even by phone. Your customer can enter their checking information just like they would with a credit card. You can also enter their information on your end and accept the payment that way. No more lost sales or abandoned shopping carts because your customers can’t pay by check. Avoid the “the check is in the mail” excuse too because now you can simply say, I can take that payment online or by phone for you.

Can I process checks online?

Yes you can also enter check payments online and even deposit checks online with a virtual terminal with any payment processors. You can process your checks online without ever having to go to the bank. No more bank runs, long lines, or trying to get to the bank before it closes.

Can AVP Solutions help me?

Absolutely. We can set you up with a virtual merchant account so that you can start accepting checks online or by phone within as little as a day! We make electronic check processing a breeze for you and we’re here to help anytime you have any problems or questions.

With the lowest industry rates, superior customer service, the most up-to-date fraud prevention measures, and more than 25 years in the industry, you can’t go wrong when you go AVPS. Contact us today to find out how we can help you or submit your application and we’ll start processing it immediately.