Massive Consumer Spending Event Headed Your Way!

Super Bowl Spending

Gear Up for the Super Bowl Spending Frenzy

National Retail Federation’s Super Bowl Spending Forecast

The National Retail Federation is out with their annual survey to estimate the breadth and depth of consumer spending for the unofficial American holiday known as “Super Bowl Sunday.” As an article in the San Diego Source noted, this Sunday’s “big football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens is more than a sporting event — it is a massive consumer event.

The Scope of Super Bowl Sunday Spending

Enthusiastic fans, together with their families, friends, and supporters, are gearing up to spend over $12 billion, primarily on feasting during America’s one-day World Cup equivalent. Additionally, this spending spree extends beyond food, with many using the occasion to upgrade their household electronics, furniture, kitchen, and serving appliances. Furthermore, nearly 180 million people anticipate watching the game, while others will actively participate in parties or head out to local restaurants and bars.

Retail Opportunities Around the Super Bowl

Bill Thorne, the NRF’s VP, says this is all “good news for retailers who typically see slower online and foot traffic during this month. We expect to see a variety of promotions in the coming days surrounding appetizers and drinks at restaurants, football décor, athletic apparel and, of course, new TVs.”

Leveraging the Super Bowl for Business Promotions

All of which brings up the question of whether you’ve been tying in your particular business to this All-American echo the holiday shopping season. Hopefully, if you’re involved in selling any of the items Americans want to purchase for “game day” weekend, you’ve tied in to “the Big Game” itself (which you’ll have to call it, unless you’ve specifically paid for use of the trademarked “Super Bowl.” Hence all those coy references in so many commercials…)

Maximizing Sales Opportunities Beyond Traditional Merchandise

Super bowl

But even if you don’t sell avocadoes (79 million pounds, enough to cover a football field end zone to end zone 30 feet deep in guacamole, are expected to be used), say, or big screen TVs, you can still use the festivity to offer discounts on whatever service or goods you’re vending. As with the holidays, consumers are in a spending mood, generally.

A Season of Events and Promotions

Plus, with the Super Bowl now falling in February, you have a season of varied events — Valentine’s Day for love, Presidents’ Day weekend for travel — to keep you busy with high-visibility promotions until you take a breather before St. Patrick’s Day!

How AVPS Can Support Your Business During This Time

AVPS can help if you want to offer prepaid cards, need to limber up and get “out in the field” with more on-the-spot processing, or just generally need to review your online retail services and options.

AVPS Is Here to Help

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