Retail, E-commerce or Mobile – You Need a Merchant Account Partner

In today’s economy, every business has to adopt a cutting edge strategy in order not only to survive, but prosper.  Whether your business is a store front, online or takes you on the road, you need to be able to accept payment in all forms.  Cash has taken a backseat to credit cards, debit cards, checks, online payments and mobile payment processing.

Customers expect a convenient method of purchasing your product or service and many have a hole burning in their pocket.  In order to accommodate your customer and improve your business, in today’s world you have to consider one of many merchant account companies. 

AVP Solutions provides a wide range of merchant accounts including wireless merchant services, mobile processing payments and check processing electronically.  Teaming up with a company that has 25 years experience in merchant accounts will bolster sales and increase your bottom line in no time.

Imagine not being able to make a sale because you did not have the tools to accommodate your customer.  Not only have you lost time, but you have lost a sale which means you have lost profit.  Retail merchants know all too well how important it is to have all methods of payment available at point of purchase.

Processing fees through AVP’s business merchant accounts are lower than dealing directly with other financial institutions or third party processing service companies.  Purchases through your merchant account with AVP Solutions are cleared through the Automated Clearing House enabling an immediate transaction and fast turnaround of your money deposited directly to your account.

Using state of the art encryption coding, AVP protects your revenue from fraud using a 128 bit SSL program.  Better yet, you can access your previous records at any time and even download your daily transactions to your accounting software on your computer.

All you need is a PC and a connection to the Internet and you are ready for business.  AVP Solutions will look after the rest and will have your business set up to receive payment within 24 hours.

Go with a proven merchant account solution and watch your profits roll in.  Contact AVP by phone at 800-719-9198 and start increasing your bottom line today.

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