Should You Still Accept Checks?


Should You Still Accept Checks?

Expanding Sales Opportunities by Accepting Checks

Absolutely. While credit card use has increased, many people still use checks and you could be missing out on sales opportunities if you don’t accept checks. One of the things that consumers do when shopping online is check to see if a merchant accepts the form of payment they wish to use. If they don’t, it’s very common for them to simply move on to find another merchant who does. They’ll even leave a full shopping cart online if they get to the checkout and learn that you don’t accept the form of payment that they intend to use. That means you’re putting money into your competitors pocket. Never leave any stone unturned when it comes to increasing your bottom line.

Leveraging Technology for Check Acceptance

Technology allows for you to accept checks online as well as deposit checks online so there’s no reason for you to miss a sale. This eliminates waiting on mailed checks, having to run to the bank to deposit your checks and waiting in long lines, and it even eliminates charge backs. It also prevents your customer from using the “my check is in the mail” response to delay payment. Cost to process checks is half the cost to process credit cards, so you even save money.

The Ease of Processing Checks

Similar to processing a credit card, all you need to process a check is the customer’s name, address (the address on the check), their account number, the bank’s routing number, and the transaction amount.

Start Your Journey with AVPS Now

A merchant account with AVPS will allow you to accept credit cards as well as process checks online.  You will also be able to process checks by phone and fax if needed. There is no special software required and the set up is quick and easy. Contact us today for more information or to set up a merchant account to start processing checks.

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