Smart Phones Make it Easy to Accept Credit Card Payments Anywhere

It is amazing how far we have come in the technological age in such a short time. The first cellular phones came to the market in the 80’s. At that time, analog was the only frequency available and portable phones were only a vision. Digital phones came about in the 90’s and have grown increasingly popular ever since.

Fast forward to today and cell phones are no longer limited to calling your office or your best pal. Today’s phones are nothing short of mini-computers and have features that would have boggled the mind 25 years ago. Smart phones are everywhere today and they’re used for emailing, working, listening to music, taking pictures, and now accepting credit card payments.

That is why doing business today from any location has never been easier. Mobile credit card processing is available from AVP Solutions. We have more than 25 years experience providing business merchant account solutions and we’re ready to set you up to accept credit card payments.

Mobile processing is becoming the predominant choice for those whose work takes them on the road. Contractors, electricians, locksmiths, trade show exhibitors, and even sports organizers are equipping themselves with smart phones that allow them to process payments anytime; anywhere. Brick and mortar businesses are even getting in on the action.

Imagine completing your work at a residence and simply swiping your customer’s credit card through your credit card reader (attached to your smart phone), right there on the spot. Instant payment is completed and you can get on with your next job. Convenient, right?

AVP Solutions accommodates most smart phones and will equip you with a credit card reader for your Android or iPhone so that you can simply swipe and go! After downloading the app to your phone and connecting the card reader, you are ready to transact business from any location.

Trust your business merchant account solutions to a company that has proven growth and a dedication to customer service for customers around the world. We have customer service resources available 24/7.

Contact us at 1-800-719-9198 today and let us know what your business merchant account needs are. Let us know you’re ready to go mobile and we’ll get you set up for mobile credit card processing right away!

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