Significance Of An Expert Planned Online business Site

Small businesses reach new audiences through e-commerce, which allows them to build their brands beyond local audiences. As a trusted provider of wireless merchant services…

Benefits Of Mobile Processing For Small Business

In the past, the AVPS team has talked about how mobile credit card processing has revolutionized innovative small business models.

Payment Solutions for Sole Proprietors—AVPS Can Help Grow Your Business

Sole proprietor businesses help drive our economy, and make up an incredibly diverse pool of talents across all industries. From personal trainers to writers, housekeepers to consultants, independent entrepreneurs…

Do You Use Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing? What You Need to Know Now

In fact, even pop-up roadside stands now have the ability to accept payments. As the world moves away from cash-based transactions, mobile…

Could The Way You Handle Credit Card Processing Cost You Customers?

At AVPS, we know that our clients have to incorporate the costs and fees associated with credit/debit card processing into their overall bottom lines. This means that, if they accept credit cards, they must include this as part of how they price their goods and services. While this has long been the norm, the rise of mobile credit card processing is creating some sticky customer service issues that we want to help our partners avoid. To demonstrate what we mean, here’s a story of a service provider, a customer, and the moment it all went wrong:

What Types of Payments Do You Accept On Your Website?

As a business owner, you need to be proactive to implement new technology that makes it easy for your customers to buy your products or services. In a world where many things are available with the click of a button, customers don’t often have the patience to sort through a confusing payment process in order to make a purchase online.

President Signs “BuySecure” Initiative For Consumer Card Fraud Protection

With data breaches become weekly occurances (if not more — the latest chain to be hit since our last post is Staples), the White House has attempted to step into the “breach” itself, with the signing of a new executive order that is part of a larger “BuySecure” initiative.

MasterCard Tips on Protecting Yourself — Pt. II

Since we last posted, J.P. Morgan and other banks have joined the “honor roll” of institutions which have been hacked, and had information stolen. According to a recent overview of headline-making hacks in the Washington Post, “J.P. Morgan Chase& Co., America’s largest bank, reassured its customers by saying that there was no evidence that account information, such as passwords and Social Security numbers was compromised.” OK, good. What was compromised? “Names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of account holders were accessed.”

Card Processing Solutions for Your Business

Every business needs the ability to accept credit cards. Whether you’re a new business or an existing business looking to change credit card processing providers, there are several things you should look for in a provider.