Plastic Sleeves and Radio Chips: Simple Protections for RFID Cards

As the news keeps making clear, changes are coming to what exactly it means when a customer says “charge it!” There are smart wallets, phones-as-credit cards, and more.

On the Road: Best Cards For the Season Ahead

Memorial Day beckons as the official kick-off to the summer travel season, but your AVPS blog correspondents already have one child flying back from college for the break, and we’ve booked an interestingly complicated itinerary for a summer flight of our own. So travel season, it appears, is here.

Your Credit Card Could Start Literally “Leaking” Data in the Smartphone Era

By way of a heads-up comes this news from Canada, and reported in the northerly edition of Huffington Post (and later picked up in Forbes’ credit card “round up” column). We’ve mentioned those embedded chips that are due to replace magnetic strips on most credit cards (and have to a large extent in Europe — where the upgraded plastic is the “EMV” standard we’ve written about here before).

New Year’s Changes: Merchant surcharges

Happy 2013 to our readers, and while this first January week may still find many of us in lingering “holiday mode,” it actually brings some “hard news” in the credit card processing business.

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