Taking Checks Still a Good Idea & Other Fallout from Recent Breaches

A thoughtful analysis on Pymnts. com talks about some of the unexpected “fallout” from the recent high-profile credit card breaches. One might expect that such an event would accelerate the calls for adapting more secure “EMV” card standards here, or even spark discussions on whether customers should have ever-shifting “account numbers,” etc., as a way of minimizing security risks. And those discussions have happened.

Checks, Charges, and Changes

We always like it, here at the AVPS blog, when pieces of “separate” financial news combine to make a single, bigger story, or to provide a trendline.

That’s happened again this summer, when a story about checks — and then another — caught our eye. The first was an article written in anticipation of an upcoming report from the Federal Reserve, which charts consumer payment habits.

Got a phone? You’ve got check verification!

When looking to move a business online, you will find that you have many options in terms of how you accept payments for bills or for your goods and services.  While many traditional banks offer merchant account solutions, these services are typically very costly and the rates and fees will depend on your credit as well as other criteria.  This can certainly be an option if you prefer it, but for many businesses, a merchant bank account is something that could better obtained from an ISO.

Check Payment Services: Are they Necessary in the Credit Age?

Most Americans have a love-hate relationship with credit cards, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re wealthy, you essentially…