You May Need More Help Than Your Antivirus Software Can Give

A recent article in Slate’s “Future Tense” section has some sobering news: “In 2005, Panda Software reported that a new strain of malware was discovered every 12 minutes.

Simplify and Secure Your Payments With (Free!) Visa Checkout!

Visa has rolled out its free “Checkout” service for customers and merchants, to help make the act of paying even easier, and more secure. Essentially,  Visa Checkout is a digital payment service that lets customers use a single, secure sign-on across channels and devices using a their preferred payment method.

The October Country: EMV Draws Near; Are You Ready?

The October Country: EMV Draws Near; Are You Ready? While time does continue to zip along, we’re not always busy…

Being Able to Accept Credit Cards is Just One Call Away

No matter the type of business you’re in or whether you are a retail location, mobile location, or provide services at various homes and businesses, the ability to accept credit cards is a must. In addition to having the ability to accept credit cards, you need to be able to accept them in different ways such as at your physical location, via your mobile phone on the go or at any location your customers are at (flea markets, farmer’s markets, their homes, conferences, their businesses, kiosks, etc.)

Memorial Day — and Summer Travel Season — Arrive

With Memorial Day, summer’s first “bookend” arrives, for a season that marks its midpoint with the 4th of July, and wraps up — practically speaking — with Labor Day.

What are Business Merchant Services?

What are Business Merchant Services? Business merchant services enable you to accept credit card payments and checks. If you have…

Make Your Business Stronger Than Ever with AVP Solutions

In order to keep your business growing, you need business merchant services that provide easy solutions to all of your e-commerce needs.  It is a fact that most people carry little or no cash because it is more convenient to use credit cards. Another fact is that more and more people are shopping online where cash is really not an option.

Credit Card Fee Update — States Striking Back?

We’ve been striving to update you on the fallout from last autumn’s credit card fee settlement from the lawsuit where numerous merchants challenged Visa, Master Charge, et all, about the fees they were charging for credit card transactions.

How Will Credit Card Fee Changes Affect Consumer Credit Card Use?

Or  will they? As a follow-up to last week’s post about the late-in-the-year settlement on card fees, and how those might affect both merchants and consumers, comes this additional item in the Washington Post.