Summer is for “fishing” — not “phishing!” Some protection tips from AVPS!

“Phishing” is exactly what sounds like — a “fishing” expedition by the bad guys, usually via “legitimate” seeming emails, or other means, to try and “snag” or “catch” as much sensitive information about you, and your customers, as they can.

Fed Update: They’re Listening. Probably.

They wanted to hear from merchants, processors, bankers, and other, about what could be do to further bring the payment system here in the U.S. (and the way that payment system interacts with systems outside the U.S.) even further into the 21st century, in terms of speed, convenience, security, etc.

Responsive to our needs and simply a phone call away

Their technician spent the time to train us on the use of the terminal for swiped transactions as well as our internet gateway. AVPS has always been responsive to our needs and simply a phone call away…