Giving Thanks, Eating Pie, Logging On: Thanksgiving 2023

Historians, according to a round-up of Thanksgiving facts from the U.S. Census Bureau, recorded other “ceremonies of thanks” given by various groups of…

Post-Election, Will Shoppers Be Ready to Kick Off Holiday Buying?

We write this on our propitious Election Day 2016. And while this isn’t a political blog, as such, it’s no secret that happens in the worlds of government and politics…

Holiday Economy So Far in “Treat” Mode; Plus: Credit Cards Like Candy Corn?

Our holiday posts give us map markers to see how the economy is faring, and if Halloween “spend trends” are to be believed, your customers seem to be in…

Payment Cards Set to Surpass Cash For First Time Ever

“Is this the beginning of the end for cash?,” a recent article in Marketwatch asks. No, we’re not talking about governments yanking currency and forcing everyone into an electronic payment system.

Pushmi-pullyu: Payments on the Coming “Internet of Things”

The “Pushmi-pullyu” is, of course, a llama-like character from the Dr. Doolittle books and films — one with heads on either end…

Brexit Signs: How the Vote Might Affect Payment Cards

True, Britain has always kept its Pound, as far as currency, so has no “Euro” to give up. But as a country that was part of the “E” of those “EMV” standards we keep writing about…

PCI Sets New Security Standards – Gets Surprising Pushback

As the Finextra website reminds us, “merchants and other businesses globally use ‘PA-DSS Validated’ software to ensure they can safely accept payments, both in-store and online.”

Economic Green Lights, as Summer Travel Plans a “Go!”

Memorial Day is here, and it’s once again time for our annual(ish) look on what the unofficial kickoff to summer means in terms of economic trends, etc.

NerdWallet and NASDAQ on the Wise Use of Credit Cards

We often hear that too much use of credit cards — as opposed to debit card use — is a sign of household budgetary woes, and eventual drowning under unmanageable interest.