Two Things Growing: Smart Card Use, and Retailer Resistance

Fall is usually viewed as harvest season, where the crops grown over summer are brought in and stored for winter.

How Do I Get a Business Cash Advance?

Are you asking the same question as many other business owners: how do I get a business cash advance? Managing cash flow is a necessary aspect to maintaining a business, and many business owners run into cash flow problems at one point or another.

Why Your Online Business Needs an E-Commerce Merchant Account

As the internet grows and expands, more businesses are seeing the importance of integrating an e-commerce merchant account into their website. Online sales make up a good portion of retail transactions, and many consumers have stated that they prefer online shopping over a visit to a retail store. So, if you don’t have an e-commerce store, you are likely missing out on potential sales from customers who are interested in buying your products.

How to Get Started With Business Merchant Services

Are you a small business owner who has avoided merchant account solutions because you are overwhelmed with the idea of integrating new or additional systems into your business? Some business owners assume that it is a complicated process to begin using a merchant account for new business, but the truth is the process is very simple if you use the right system.