Report: ATM “Skimming” Up over 500% (!)

In another sobering reminder that the conveniences of electronic banking and payments bring their own unique risks, a report is out from the FICO folks — yes, those same people who so imperfectly…

“I Spy” More Changes in Payments, More Need For Security

As you know from being a savvy/frequent readers of these posts, the world of payments shares a critical motif with life itself: Change is the only constant. And by “change,” we don’t mean those coins in your pocket, left over from the last time you used cash. No, we’re talking about how the way payments are made is shifting, faster and faster — bringing along the need for constantly-changing security, as well.

Summer is for “fishing” — not “phishing!” Some protection tips from AVPS!

“Phishing” is exactly what sounds like — a “fishing” expedition by the bad guys, usually via “legitimate” seeming emails, or other means, to try and “snag” or “catch” as much sensitive information about you, and your customers, as they can.

Another “Phantom Menace:” Contactless Charges

This is a follow up on a couple of recent items we’ve had here lately, about security not only in an age of mobile technology, but security in an age where information between devices can be transferred with a literal “touch,” or “bump.”