What Is a Website Merchant Account?


What Is a Website Merchant Account?

A website merchant account allows you to accept payments online. Just like in a store, people need to be able to pay for your products or services and instead of swiping their credit card or handing you a check; they can simply enter their information on your website and make payment that way. You need a merchant account for your website whether you sell products or services partially online or wholly online so that you can make hassle-free sales.

Can I Process Check or Credit Card Payments for Customers?

Yes, with a virtual merchant account you can also enter their information from your end and process the payment. This allows you to be able to process credit card payments and check payments online or by phone.

How easy is it to set up a merchant account for my website?

With AVP Solutions, it’s extremely easy. Simply complete our short application and once approved, we’ll have your account set up and running in no time. Then you just need to install a bit of HTML code on your website to enable people to pay by credit card online. It’s as simple as that! We’ll be here to train you how to use your virtual terminal and we provide 24/7 customer support for you account. We never leave you fretting over problems or concerns!

With the most competitive rates in the industry, over a quarter century in the credit card business, experienced customer service, and an extremely fast set-up time, AVPS is a preferred merchant account solution provider and we would love to team up with you! Contact us today or submit your application and we’ll get started on setting up your merchant account.

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