Checks — They’re Not Just for Paper Anymore

In our dauntless search to bring you all the news in the credit card and card processing industries — to…

The Best Business Merchant Services Online

When it comes to operating an online business, there are many components that will determine your overall success.  Excellent products or services, prices that are competitive, and marketing that brings people to your website are all very important, but it is also the online business merchant services that you choose and implement that will have a large impact.  If you aren’t able to accept credit cards in a secure manner or if you do not accept multiple forms of payment, you could be losing out on major business. 

On-the-Spot Processing Takes Your Business “Into the Field!”

On-the-Spot Processing Takes Your Business “Into the Field!” A New Landscape for Transactions Ben Woolsey,’s Director of Marketing and…

Accepting Checks Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

When you think of dealing with checks in a brick and mortar store, it can be frustrating.  Running checks through…

Two Billion Cardholders Coming to the U.S.?

Two Billion Cardholders Coming to the U.S.? In challenging economic times, where might two billion new cardholders come from? Two…

Don’t Let Credit Problems Keep You from Doing Business Online

Are you looking to start an Internet business or to take your business into the virtual world, only to find that a poor or nonexistent credit rating is holding you back?  While most banks have very strict laws and regulations regarding to whom and how they can distribute funding, they are not your only option.  A high risk merchant account can give you many options that you might not have even known were available to you, including the ability to access a merchant cash advance that will let you borrow against future credit card payments and repay the loan automatically and affordably as purchases are made.

More on MCAs

No sooner does a blog post run here at AVPS on using Merchant Cash Advances to augment cash flow for your business in tight times, than the subject starts appearing in financial news headlines. Business News Daily ran a piece on the same subject, stating “In this era of tight money, many small businesses feel that they’ve been hung out to dry by traditional lenders, a new survey shows. As a result, a growing number of companies are turning to alternative sources of funding, such as merchant cash advances (MCA).”

If You Haven’t Started Doing Business Online Yet, You’re Missing the Boat

The Internet is by far the biggest marketplace available to consumers both here and abroad, and if your business is…

Fallout Continues from Recent Global Payments Breach

The recent security breach reported by Global Payments — as previously discussed here — continues to leave the payments industry searching for clues as to what went wrong this time, and what can be done to prevent a “next time.”