Virtual Merchandizing: The 21st Century’s Great Equalizer

In today’s Internet oriented world, brick and mortar businesses are being forced to deal with the fact that they are…

Darwin’s Theory of PCI Compliance

We are big on PCI Compliance here at AVPS. And why wouldn’t we be? After all, those letters stand for Payment Card Industry compliance, and they detail ways that you — and we — can keep payments safe and secure. CBS news recently ran an article on how, increasingly, it’s small or medium-sized businesses that are being targeted by hackers (remember that the recent Global Payments breach started with a smallish NY- based transit company).

Tips for Setting Up Your Retail Merchant Account

As a new retailer or as a business owner taking on new services through AVPS, the idea of setting up your new account can certainly be stressful.  If you are not computer savvy or if you have dealt with companies that exhibit poor customer support, there can be a lot of worry over how difficult it will be to set everything up and whether or not your system will be fully functional and safe against hackers and fraud when you have it online and ready to go. 

Client Spotlight: WebTechMedia

To paraphrase the comic strip “Pogo” — we have met our client, and he is us! Which is to say,…

Why Your New Business Needs an Online Merchant Account

Did you know that a vast majority of today’s consumers prefer to make purchases online whenever possible?  Not only does buying online give them a chance to comparison shop in order to get good prices and great customer service, but it is simply more convenient.  Today’s consumers are working more hours than ever, and the convenience of being able to purchase products online takes away the stress of having to navigate to the store, wait in line, and carry everything home in the middle of an already busy day.

Dispatch from Comic-Con: Lessons of the Dealers’ Room

Your AVPS correspondents get around, and this week, we’re at Comic-Con, that mega mecca for all things pop culture, which eventually unfurl on screens and pages of every stripe, but are launched here, in previews and panels. And a walk around the dealers’ room provides a good archaeology in the strata of on-the-spot processing, like the kind currently offered by AVPS.

Accept Credit Cards from Anywhere with a Virtual Terminal

While many businesses operate in a brick and mortar store or on the web, an increasing number of today’s businesses are much more mobile.  Not only are today’s business owners taking more time to network and even sell products at trade shows, but with the modern economy making things hard for more traditional workers, many of today’s typical consumers have become small business owners, selling handmade goods or their own services at craft fairs, flea markets, and other venues.

On the 4th of July and Pieces of 8: A brief history of American money

With the 4th of July arriving midweek this year, the whole first week of July takes on a holiday sheen.…

Why Even Traditional Businesses Should Have a Virtual Merchant Account

As a business owner, making sure that you are maximizing your ability to be profitable is crucial.  Whether your business…