Credit Card Trends Point to More Mobility

Aside from the all the big election news this week, a couple of smaller items popping up in the newsfeeds on the credit card front point toward a rapidly changing landscape there too, one where mobile payments are even more common.

ACH and How It Can Help Your Business

What is ACH? ACH payments are electronic check payments that many businesses can use to expand their customer base. The Automated Clearing House, which is what ACH stands for, works similarly to a wire transfer but without actually being a wired payment. If you are looking for a secure way to process check payments from your customers, ACH is the way to go. These payments are resolved in just a couple of business days, which means that you will get your money faster than you might with traditional check payments. There are many benefits for business who accept ACH payments.

Card Use Expected to Be Up This Holiday Season: Is Your Business Ready?

Projections for credit card use this holiday season continue to be good. The Greensheet, a credit card industry newsletter, recently featured a round-up of projetions, with many saying that this year’s holiday retail sales could top 2011 by upwards of 4 percent. Deloitte LLP estimated that U.S. retailers will rack up over $900 billion dollars of sales between November (which starts today!) and January of 2013. And of that, approximately $36 billion is expected to be “mobile-influenced,” with
 shoppers using phones and tablets to help locate items, and comparison-shop between them.

Top 4 Things Wireless Credit Card Service Can Do for Your Business

When your business depends solely on how many products you are able to sell, any advantage that you can gain over your competitors is huge.  Moving your business online is a great step, but it is only one piece of the puzzle for many business owners.  Here, we will look at four top benefits to upgrading to a wireless credit card service.

Lessons of a Bookish Breach

As you may have been reading in the news this week, there’s been another breach in a merchant credit card system, this time hitting 63 Barnes & Noble outlets across the country. While the breach — and resultant damage — seem to have already been contained (since the original hack occurred in September, but wasn’t announced until now, per the wishes of FBI investigators). Customer swipe machines at various B&N’s were compromised, and sent account info to the hackers themselves, who seem to have briefly used the information for purchases throughout the fall, though those curtailed.

Tips for Dealing with Checks Online

When you own a business, making sure that you accept the most popular forms of payment is a big part of remaining profitable.  While plastic is easy to accept both online and off, there are still many consumers who prefer to pay with checks and ACH withdrawals from their checking accounts.  Dealing with checks doesn’t have to be risky to your business, and today we will look at some tips that can make it much easier to accept checks online.

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