Card Processing Solutions for Your Business

Every business needs the ability to accept credit cards. Whether you’re a new business or an existing business looking to change credit card processing providers, there are several things you should look for in a provider.

Are Cards More Cost Effective For Merchants Than Cash?

A new study from financial analysts at the Aite Group says that handling both Debit and Credit cards is more cost effective for merchants and retailers than handling cash.

According to details in the Credit Union Times, the report, “Tender Truths: The Real Cost of POS Transactions in the U.S., found debit cards the least expensive method of payment for merchants, costing significantly less per transaction than cash or cards.It broke down the costs of different payment types across three broad retail sectors: specialty retailers, quick service restaurants and convenience stores.”

The Benefits of Accepting Checks & Processing Checks Online

While the use of credit cards has exploded over the last years and many people carry plastic, many people still also use checks. If your business does not accept checks, both online and off, you could be losing money to your competitors who do. When shopping online, people will abandon their shopping cart if they reach the checkout and cannot use their preferred payment method. When shopping offline, people expect to be able to write a check so they can use the money in their bank account. If you cannot accommodate them, they may walk away.

A Handy AVPS Guide to Point-of-Sale Security, Pt. II: Mitigation & Protection

Last week, we mentioned card issuer alerts calling for more vigilance on the part of merchants to “shore up” their Point-of-Sale systems, in an age of increased hacking, breaches, and network intrusion. This lack of security has resulted in some unfortunately spectacular “virtual break-ins,” like the Target breach and the ones that followed, resulting in the information for millions of customers being pilfered, compromised, and sold not only to the “highest bidder,” but to whoever meets the price of those vending the data.

A Handy AVPS Guide to Point-of-Sale Security. Pt. I: Remote Access

In our current climate of “hackery” and security breaches, the number of alerts and advisories going to out to companies like ours is on the increase. Many of these have valuable information that we feel should be passed along to our customers, so they can use these ideas, deploy them, to keep their own transactions — and their customers — as safe as possible.

Summer is for “fishing” — not “phishing!” Some protection tips from AVPS!

“Phishing” is exactly what sounds like — a “fishing” expedition by the bad guys, usually via “legitimate” seeming emails, or other means, to try and “snag” or “catch” as much sensitive information about you, and your customers, as they can.

4th of July Snapshot: Gas Prices, Economic Indicators Heat Up Like Roman Candles

As we approach the July 4th 2014, the economy news at summer’s midpoint celebration is increasingly rose-colored like one of those ground bloom flower fireworks.

On the one hand, as Bloomberg reports, “jobs growth adds more sunshine” to the U.S. Economy. Specifically, job growth, in payroll specialist ADP’s report ahead of the official Federal figures, was much higher than expected. ““The labor market appears to be firing on all cylinders and is finally self-sustaining,” the Bloomberg said, citing two two PNC Financial Services economists.