How To Overcome First Challenging Year Of Your Business

That’s why you need a carefully constructed plan that addresses your infrastructure, funding, staffing, payment processing, and goals for growth.

How To Find Best Merchant Account For A New Business

Starting a new business is always a stressful endeavor. As entrepreneurs try to transform their passions into success, they often realize that life as a business owner is not at all what they expected.

Merchant Cash Advances At A Glance

We are now halfway through the calendar year—and at the start of the fiscal year—which means many businesses are taking stock of their performance…

Preparing Seasonal Business Merchant Accounts Processing

Small, seasonal businesses enrich our communities and provide valuable contributions to local economies. However, this unique business model can be…

Let AVPS Help Your Payment Processing Grow With You

However, how do you know what equipment you need, or how it will integrate into your day-to-day operations? Whether you need on-site solutions, mobile processing utilities, or payment…

If Even Buskers Take Cards — Shouldn’t You?

A sweet holiday-themed news item comes our way from overseas, and not only is it too good not to share, but it may be a harbinger of things to come: Cards, and contactless and e-payments will increasingly be taken in places where no one ever expected…

Small Business is Optimistic — But Is It Ready For EMVs?

Shopkeep is a cloud-based technology company  used by more than 18,000 different small businesses, to keep track of things like payroll, inventory, etc. They are also prone to surveying their customers and compiling the info in what they called their “ShopKeep Small Business Index,” or SSBI They just announced the release for their survey for the second quarter of 2015, and the good news is that “survey respondents reported their highest revenue and optimism to date.”

The Back to School Rush—Are Your Payment Processes Ready For the Challenge?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for parents it is. While kids are bemoaning the inevitable return to homework and early bedtimes, parents are remembering what it’s like to not be 24/7 entertainment directors. For retailers, this period is also a huge sales boost across most industries. While school supplies, electronics, sports gear, and apparel top most school sales, we also have plenty of college-bound students who need household wares, cars, and gift cards.

The CFPB Wants You! (To Have Faster Payments, And More Protection)

Earlier this month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (or CFPB) issued its 9 “Guiding Principles” for faster payments, and payment protection. As they bureau states, they “want to ensure any new payment systems are secure, transparent, accessible, and affordable to consumers. The systems should also have robust protections when it comes to fraud and error resolution.”