Embrace Technology with Mobile Payment Processing

If you are ready to build your business, grow your customer base, and reach new levels of success, it is essential to keep your eyes on innovation. The world is changing incredibly quickly and if you don’t do what you can to keep up, you are going to get left behind. Though you may maintain the core of your business, your product line and branding, your customer base shrink, if you fall behind with technology.

Technology advances at a rate so fast it is not always possible to have the most recent developments fully integrated into your business plan. But if you stay aware of technological advances and make them a part of your growing and changing business, you not only make running your business simpler, but can increase your customer base and open new avenues of income generation, as well. One of the fastest and easiest way to take advantage of new technology is through mobile payment processing.

Most likely you already have a website and you may have even have started accepting payments for products and services through a merchant account. While this a fantastic start, it is only one way to use technology for the benefit of your business. Using a wireless credit card terminal expands the potential of your business and shows your customer base that you are willing to take advantage of technology and its conveniences.

With the incredible advent of the smartphone, customers have more buying flexibility and power than ever. No matter where they go, as long as they have access to the internet, they can make a purchase from your website. Now as a merchant, you can also use your smartphone, along with a simple attachment, as a mobile credit card terminal, allowing you to accept payments for products or services wherever you happen to be.

These readers, such as an Android credit card reader, connect directly to your phone and work just like point-of-sale card readers. Swipe your customer’s credit card, have them sign the screen with your stylus, and the payment processes through your merchant account.

Harnessing the power of technology like this streamlines your business for fast, simple, and secure transactions whether you are in your office, at your home, or out in the world. Get in touch with us to find out more about payment technology and how it can improve your business.

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