Protect Your Customers During the Busy Season By Focusing on Secure Transactions

Protect Your Customers During the Busy Season By Focusing on Secure Transactions

Best Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions

During this high-traffic season, businesses across the country will be more vulnerable than ever to hackers seeking to steal their customers’ financial information. Because of this, businesses need to take special care to ensure that they are providing the most secure payment processing possible. At AVPS, we believe that businesses need to make this a top priority, not only for their customers’ safety but for the sake of their own reputations.

Credit card Transaction Security Best Practices

If you are a business owner, here are some tips for ensuring that you are using the best practices in terms of credit card transaction security:

  • First and foremost, if you have not upgraded to EMV chip processing terminals, you need to do so as soon as possible. Many businesses are still dragging their feet, but the EMV payment process is the current gold standard when it comes to transaction security. By incorporating EMV processing, you’ll be taking the most effective steps for safe payment transactions.
  • Train your employees to never take shortcuts regardless of how busy your business becomes. They should check identification on all credit/signature transactions. We know that payment terminals have improved transaction efficiency, but physical Identification checks are still one of the best ways to deter people who are attempting to pay with stolen or cloned cards.
  • Likewise, keep an eye out for suspicious activity. People using cloned or stolen cards, or those attempting to place skimmers on terminals, often rely on a busy or hectic environment because they believe that employees will be less likely to notice.

Finally, touch base with your AVPS representative for the latest information, risks, or concerns you have about your processing practices or equipment. We are here to help your business implement the best credit card processing risk management solutions so you can protect yourself and your customers.

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