Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions

Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions

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Keep the Grinch Away This Year

Protect Your Customers During the Busy Holiday Season

As we head into the throes of the holiday season, you are preparing your business for the current influx of customers. You’re focused on inventory, logistics, customer service and maybe even extending your business hours to accommodate the growing crowds. However, for thieves and hackers around the country, this season also represents one of the easiest times to take advantage of your distracted state. Where you see profit potential, they see the perfect opportunity to take money away from you and your customers and put it in their own pockets. Do you feel confident in your credit card transaction security? If not, you may be setting your customers up for an unhappy holiday, after all.

You know that, as a leader in credit card processing risk management solutions, AVPS believes that avoiding a visit from those Grinch-like thieves starts with smart precautions. We’ve been a big proponent of EMV chip cards and remind our clients that these technologies now represent the acceptable standard for secure payment processing. Even the smallest operations have made the switch, which is helping minimize the fraud risk for their customers.

However, you can also never underestimate the role that you and your employees have in deterring would-be thieves from the start. Always ask for a photo ID for credit card transactions, and make sure your payment policies are clearly posted. Watch for individuals who seem to be loitering too close to empty registers, because they may be trying to place skimmers. Always make sure your store is staffed to handle any crowded shifts, because thieves rely on chaotic environments to operate unnoticed. These commonsense steps can make all the difference.

Before we get any further into the holiday season, give your operation a security check-up so you keep you and your customers protected. If you need help, remember that your AVPS representatives are always here for you and your business.