Fed Report: Mobile Payments, Commerce on the Upswing. But…

The Federal Reserve has issued the 2015 edition of its Consumers and Mobile Finances report. Among the findings, as reported by “Digital Transactions,” are that “the number of mobile-payments users in the United States is growing steadily, but most mobile-phone owners still find other payment methods more convenient.”

2015: A Sheep Year — But A Safe One?

The New Year celebrating isn’t quite over yet — next month brings us the Chinese New Year. Those followers of Chinese Astrology know that each year is given an “animal” personality, so our upcoming “sheep year” is presumed to be — like its totem animal — somewhat gentle and easygoing.

Black Friday Down, Yet Cyber Monday Sets Record

There are a lot of interesting tea leaves — perhaps that’s peppermint tea, in the spirit of the season — to be read as the data comes in from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, that stretch of time formerly known as “Thanksgiving Weekend.

Card Companies Show Profits, as Credit Use Climbs

There are tea leaves in nearly every flavor, for someone attempting to read what direction the economy’s headed in. But for at least two of the biggest credit card companies, the news seems to be that things are picking up, or at least their customers — the ones using credit cards — are convinced it’s okay to start saying “Charge it,” again.

Lessons from eBay, NASDAQ, and the James Bond Theme

In the movies and on TV, certain characters love it when a plan comes together. Sometimes, just blogging for your…

Proposed Changes to CARD Act Could Mean More Credit Customers For You

Under the CARD act of 2009, it actually became harder for at-home spouses to get their own credit card, as Federal Reserve Regulations required a credit card issuer to verify the individual applicant has income or assets available to make payments — regardless of the total household income. Current proposals to change the CARD Act would allow a non-working spouse or partner over the age of 21 to report shared household income from the working spouse or partner in order to apply for a credit card in his or her own name.

Take Payments Online: Increase the Geographical Scope of Your Business

Deciding to take card transactions over the web can greatly expand the territory of your profit earning capabilities. Credit payments…

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Merchant accounts specifically designed for your ecommerce business offer many features centered on making customer transaction processing easier. The application…

Online Payment Processing: Preparing Your Website for Credit Acceptance

You have your domain name and a basic ecommerce site created to display your products or services, but where do…