PCI Develops Payment Security Resources For Small Businesses

As their recent press announcement puts it: “small businesses around the world are increasingly at risk for payment data theft. Nearly half of cyber attacks worldwide…

Small World, After All: The Effects of Card Use on Global Economies

“Greater worldwide card use raises a number of questions.” We would concur, and in fact say that wanting to answer those questions for you, and your business…

Still Behind the Curve on EMV Chip Processing? Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Procrastinate

Though gas stations received an extension for the EMV liability shift, AVP Solutions is still seeing far too many businesses dragging their feet on upgrading their equipment…

If Even Buskers Take Cards — Shouldn’t You?

A sweet holiday-themed news item comes our way from overseas, and not only is it too good not to share, but it may be a harbinger of things to come: Cards, and contactless and e-payments will increasingly be taken in places where no one ever expected…

This is Your Holiday Season — And This Is Your Holiday Season on EMV

Now that the Trick or Treat candy is all in the “half off” bins at the store, the home stretch of the year — and the holidays — begins in earnest.

AVPS Offers Smart Merchant Account Solutions to Help E-Commerce Businesses

With the internet flooded with e-commerce businesses, you need to focus on marketing and growing your brand in order to stand out. But are you still stuck with those necessary…

Small Business is Optimistic — But Is It Ready For EMVs?

Shopkeep is a cloud-based technology company  used by more than 18,000 different small businesses, to keep track of things like payroll, inventory, etc. They are also prone to surveying their customers and compiling the info in what they called their “ShopKeep Small Business Index,” or SSBI They just announced the release for their survey for the second quarter of 2015, and the good news is that “survey respondents reported their highest revenue and optimism to date.”

Simplify and Secure Your Payments With (Free!) Visa Checkout!

Visa has rolled out its free “Checkout” service for customers and merchants, to help make the act of paying even easier, and more secure. Essentially,  Visa Checkout is a digital payment service that lets customers use a single, secure sign-on across channels and devices using a their preferred payment method.

The Back to School Rush—Are Your Payment Processes Ready For the Challenge?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for parents it is. While kids are bemoaning the inevitable return to homework and early bedtimes, parents are remembering what it’s like to not be 24/7 entertainment directors. For retailers, this period is also a huge sales boost across most industries. While school supplies, electronics, sports gear, and apparel top most school sales, we also have plenty of college-bound students who need household wares, cars, and gift cards.