Small Business Loans Still Hard to Come By — Have You Considered a Merchant Cash Advance?

“Small Business Lending is Slow to Recover,” read a recent Wall Street Journal article. The write-up was focused on how small businesses have fared in the long road out of “The Great Recession,” which some recent figures have suggested may have been worse than the “Great Depression” itself (at least according to recent comments by former Fed chief Ben Bernanke…)

Happy Small Business Week!

Here at AVPS solutions, we salute all our customers celebrating National Small Business Week! Started in 1963 by President Kennedy, “one thing that hasn’t changed,” according to the latest White House statement, “is America’s entrepreneurial spirit and the important role that small business owners play in our economy and our communities.”

Small Business Merchant Payments: Merchant Accounts for Small Businesses

Running a small business has its pluses and minuses. On the plus side, small business owners often feel more “in…