Top 3 Reasons to Use a Mobile Phone Credit Card Reader


Top 3 Reasons to Use a Mobile Phone Credit Card Reader

You’ve heard all the hype about accepting credit cards using your smartphone but you may be wondering what the benefits are. Let’s talk about 3 of the top benefits you reap with mobile phone credit card processing.

Boost Profits

A mobile phone credit card reader allows you to process credit card payments anywhere you go. The Small Business Administration notes that businesses that don’t accept credit cards are missing out on increasing sales – but you already know this because if you don’t accept credit cards, you have probably watched your profits walk away before. With a smartphone credit card reader, there are no more lost sales because you don’t have the ability to accept credit cards and customers that can use plastic often purchase more than customers carrying a limited amount of cash.


With mobile phone credit card processing, your business becomes mobile in an instant. Whether you are at someone’s home or at an event, you can simply swipe your customer’s credit card and process their payment on the spot using your cell phone. You can easily sell your products or services from anywhere. Contractors that provide in-home services or sell products door-to-door, in kiosks, or other non brick and mortar locations, can easily have the same credit card processing access as the big guys now.

No Bulky Credit Card Machines

Technology has made everything smaller and credit card processors are no exception. The credit card reader for your mobile phone is only a few inches in length and in width and easily plugs into your phone when it’s in use and is removed and tucked away when it’s not being used.

If you’re ready to say hello to mobility and increased profits by accepting credit cards with your smartphone, contact AVPSolutions today. With more than two decades in the industry, we always keep you on the cutting edge of technology while still offering the most competitive rates around. The setup process is quick and easy and we’ll have you ready to go in as little as a day!

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