The Cost of a Breach: Target Reports Profits Nearly Cut in Half

As an astute reader of this space, you have, of course, been following all the news and fallout emanating from the Target data breach, affecting upwards of 110 million customers (and of course numerous banks and credit unions who suddenly had to reissue cards, cover fraudulent charges, etc.)

Should You Still Accept Checks?

Absolutely. While credit card use has increased, many people still use checks and you could be missing out on sales opportunities if you don’t accept checks. One of the things that consumers do when shopping online is check to see if a merchant accepts the form of payment they wish to use. If they don’t, it’s very common for them to simply move on to find another merchant who does. They’ll even leave a full shopping cart online if they get to the checkout and learn that you don’t accept the form of payment that they intend to use. That means you’re putting money into your competitors pocket. Never leave any stone unturned when it comes to increasing your bottom line.

“Bank Loans Down — Merchants Turning To Cash Advances”

As your roaming correspondent(s) on matters both pecuniary and payment-based, we often find ourselves in the field to get a look, first-hand, at how the “economy” — which is to say, that system of human activity and trade involving goods, services (and various intentions) is faring.

What are the Benefits of Business Merchant Services?

Business merchant services allow you to easily accept credit card payments and checks whether at a retail location, on your website, or even via your mobile phone. If you sell services or products, you’ll need merchant account solutions to help you run your business.

2014: The Year of the Breach?

We certainly hope not. But the FBI isn’t so sure. A recent Washington Post article states that  “nearly two dozen companies have been hacked in cases similar to the Target breach and more almost certainly will fall victim in the months ahead, the FBI recently warned retailers,” this “according to an official who was not authorized to speak publicly.”

Make Your Business Mobile with a Phone Credit Card Reader

A credit card reader for your mobile phone can quickly and easily make your business mobile. With a swipe, you can accept credit card payments from anywhere that you are able to connect to the internet. Many businesses that had to rely on cash transactions are now using a phone credit card reader to take their business to the next level and start accepting credit cards.

Fed Update: They’re Listening. Probably.

They wanted to hear from merchants, processors, bankers, and other, about what could be do to further bring the payment system here in the U.S. (and the way that payment system interacts with systems outside the U.S.) even further into the 21st century, in terms of speed, convenience, security, etc.

More Businesses Continue to Turn to Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing

With cell phone credit card readers, your business can enjoy increased profits and flexibility. Mobile use continues to increase across the board; from internet surfing to shopping and selling. Yes, selling. With mobile phone credit card processing, you can complete business transactions on the go, from anywhere. You can carry the power of a retail location right in your pocket. You can even use them at your retail location, as many businesses now are.

Is Card Security Coming to U.S. Credit… “At Last?”

The wake of the biggest data breach in U.S. history continues with its fallout, including the news from targeted Target that the hackers originally were able to pilfer their way into the discount chain’s system by “using electronic credentials stolen from a vendor,” according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.