What are the Benefits of Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing?

Mobile phone credit card processing puts the ease of credit card transactions in your back pocket (or your purse). Whether you are an established retail store or you’re a contractor on the go, mobile credit card processing delivers the convenience and flexibility of accepting credit cards right to your cell phone.

Details Emerge on Neiman-Marcus Hack, as Mag Stripes and EMVs Make News

Details Emerge on Neiman-Marcus Hack, as Mag Stripes and EMVs Make News A Closer Look at the Neiman-Marcus Data Breach…

Windows XP is Everywhere, and It’s Ending: Are Your Point-of-Sales Devices Safe?

As your roving correspondents, we have to, of course, rove. As in hit the road, roam far afield, attend a conference, track down a story. When we do travel, we go — as do you — with an array (too many?) of screens. A small one in our pocket. A mid-size one for reading. And then there’s the laptop. Our travel laptop, which has been with us awhile, is still running the comforts of Windows XP as its operating system.

Beyond the Stripe Swipe: “Contactless” Cards Are Booming

We write a lot about the coming changes to “charge cards” as we’ve known them, for a couple generations. Changes driven both by technology, and the vulnerabilities of that technology. For example, as a regular reader of these posts, you know that EMV cards are coming, with adaptation being pushed even faster by news of massive breaches at Target, Neiman-Marcus, and other retailers.

Business Merchant Services

Merchant account solutions cover a broad spectrum of services. When you’re considering merchant account companies, you need to examine several things.

Restaurant Owners Readying for EMV But Want More Card Protection

Plastic and digits are used in lieu of cash everywhere, but the food biz continues to find itself one of the most heavily “charged” industries, since everyone — whether it’s a fast food fish filet, sit-down bone-in ribeye, a morning tofu scramble, or anything else — has to eat.

Credit Card Processing Solutions

Every business needs the ability to accept credit cards but do you know which card processing solutions are best for your business? There are a variety of options so we will talk about a few here and if you would like to find out more or have additional questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Taking Checks Still a Good Idea & Other Fallout from Recent Breaches

A thoughtful analysis on Pymnts. com talks about some of the unexpected “fallout” from the recent high-profile credit card breaches. One might expect that such an event would accelerate the calls for adapting more secure “EMV” card standards here, or even spark discussions on whether customers should have ever-shifting “account numbers,” etc., as a way of minimizing security risks. And those discussions have happened.

Do You Need a Virtual Merchant Account?

If you sell products or services via a website, you are considered a virtual merchant and a virtual merchant account will allow you to process payments online. This type of account allows you to process transactions online anywhere that you have an internet connection.