Consumers Happier, While Symantec Resigned to Security Breaches

An interesting array of tea leaves to read and report on this week. The first “leaf batch” comes from the folks at Nielsen. Yes, “Nielsen” of TV rating fame, but they report on all kinds of consumer trends and “ratings.” Recently they issued a report stating that consumer confidence ‘round the world had climbed to pre-recession levels in the year’s first quarter. That confidence had “ended on a flat note in 2013,” their article said, “but signs of a brighter sentiment were right around the corner. With an index score of 96 in the first quarter—the highest level since first-quarter 2007, that optimism was validated.

After The Breachin’: Chip-and-Pin Comes to Target

As was pointed out about the recent Heartbleed security hole that was so pervasive, it presented a chance — bad as it was — for a lot of companies to reinvent and update their security protocols, for consumers to opt in for “double login” options on various accounts (a password and a PIN, say), and for the general level of security, web-wide, to be enhanced.

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Mobile Phone Credit Card Reader

You’ve heard all the hype about accepting credit cards using your smartphone but you may be wondering what the benefits are. Let’s talk about 3 of the top benefits you reap with mobile phone credit card processing.

Go Mobile with a Credit Card Reader

No matter what business you’re in, a mobile phone credit card reader can put your business on the go. Imagine the possibilities when you are no longer limited to checks and cash transactions. Imagine being able to set up shop anywhere you’d like and accept payment in any form, including plastic. You can also eliminate the problem of losing up sell opportunities because your customer only has a limited amount of cash. Options start opening up and your bottom line starts increasing.

POS Attacks May Be Declining (But…); Consumers Turning to Prepaid?

Certainly good news would be welcome on the internet and data security fronts these days. Technology website CRN may have some, in a story whose headline proclaims that “despite Prominent Retail Breaches, POS System Attacks Decline.”

“Heartbleed” Follow-ups: Web slowdown coming? Plus: Your Hand as a Credit Card

It’s no secret that news on the internet commerce / security / hack & bug front is “breaking” more fast and furiously than we’d like it to. But we’re determined to keep you updated so the surprises you have to plan for can be… a wee bit less surprising.

What are Business Merchant Services?

What are Business Merchant Services? Business merchant services enable you to accept credit card payments and checks. If you have…

How To Accept Credit Cards On Your Website

If you have a website, you will need to be able to accept credit cards through your website (unless you want to wait for checks to be mailed and cleared, and we’re sure you don’t!). But don’t fret, AVP Solutions makes it easy to start accepting credit cards online. 

The OpenSSL / “Heartbleed” Bug: Biggest “Hack” Yet?

Well, readers, this is the kind of news we wish we didn’t have to report. On the heels of the weeks and months reporting the details of the too-large Target and Neiman-Marcus data hacks, comes news of what may be the internet’s biggest security glitch… ever.