Things To Know About Merchant Cash Advances

Likewise, when some businesses do face challenges, such as facility improvements, inventory shortages, or simple slow-downs, they don’t know where to turn.

Merchant Cash Advances At A Glance

We are now halfway through the calendar year—and at the start of the fiscal year—which means many businesses are taking stock of their performance…

How to Choose the Right Merchant Account Companies

As a business owner, you know that your merchant account is a critical element to keep your business running. Most consumers prefer to pay by credit card, and you will be losing out on a lot of business if you don’t make credit card payment options available. Most companies have a merchant account to process the credit card transactions, and if you are shopping for a new merchant account it can be overwhelming to make your decision about which company you should choose.

Small Business Loans Still Hard to Come By — Have You Considered a Merchant Cash Advance?

“Small Business Lending is Slow to Recover,” read a recent Wall Street Journal article. The write-up was focused on how small businesses have fared in the long road out of “The Great Recession,” which some recent figures have suggested may have been worse than the “Great Depression” itself (at least according to recent comments by former Fed chief Ben Bernanke…)

“Bank Loans Down — Merchants Turning To Cash Advances”

As your roaming correspondent(s) on matters both pecuniary and payment-based, we often find ourselves in the field to get a look, first-hand, at how the “economy” — which is to say, that system of human activity and trade involving goods, services (and various intentions) is faring.

Holiday Cash For Your Business, With a Merchant Cash Advance

Being the faithful AVPS Blog reader that you are, you’ve seen where there will be a large surge of holiday shoppers online; you know that your customers will be “showrooming” with their mobile devices; you want to advertise more as the economy slowly regains ground; you need to order more merchandise for the upcoming spike in sales.

Top 4 Things Wireless Credit Card Service Can Do for Your Business

When your business depends solely on how many products you are able to sell, any advantage that you can gain over your competitors is huge.  Moving your business online is a great step, but it is only one piece of the puzzle for many business owners.  Here, we will look at four top benefits to upgrading to a wireless credit card service.

Accept Checks from Anywhere without Fear

While a vast number of today’s consumers hold credit and debit cards, it is important to realize that not everyone is comfortable using them.  This especially holds true online, where fear of hackers and identity theft makes many people stand steadfast in their refusal to enter their digits online.  Whether you own an online store or a brick and mortar business, making sure that you accept the forms of payment that your customers want to use is critical, which is why it is still vital to accept checks in a credit heavy market.

More on MCAs

No sooner does a blog post run here at AVPS on using Merchant Cash Advances to augment cash flow for your business in tight times, than the subject starts appearing in financial news headlines. Business News Daily ran a piece on the same subject, stating “In this era of tight money, many small businesses feel that they’ve been hung out to dry by traditional lenders, a new survey shows. As a result, a growing number of companies are turning to alternative sources of funding, such as merchant cash advances (MCA).”