Drowning, Ransoming — and Staying Safe (Pt. II)

Last week, we mentioned the new “Drown” security leak, a flaw in grandfathered internet protocols that is leaving, according to SC Magazine, over 600 frequently…

Taking Your Fledgling Business to the Next Level Starts with Your Very Own Website

Your handcrafted business is gaining traction, and you’re wondering whether it’s time to create your own website and sell your products through that platform.

Did Your Business Miss Out During the Holidays? Lack of E-Commerce Presence May Be What’s Holding You Back

In the post-holiday season sales analysis, one truth became glaringly evident: consumers much preferred to stay home, avoid the crowds, and shop online…

Expand Your Ecommerce Business

Your small business is growing, and the best way to reach new customers is through a well-designed website. A website can take a brick-and-mortar business…

Labor Day and Birthdays: Drivers Head Out, Gas Heads Down, and Visa Checkout Serves Cake

Though the thermometer readings around the American West insist otherwise, the end of summer has come with Labor’s Day arrival, and the flipping of the calendar…

Simplify and Secure Your Payments With (Free!) Visa Checkout!

Visa has rolled out its free “Checkout” service for customers and merchants, to help make the act of paying even easier, and more secure. Essentially,  Visa Checkout is a digital payment service that lets customers use a single, secure sign-on across channels and devices using a their preferred payment method.

The Back to School Rush—Are Your Payment Processes Ready For the Challenge?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for parents it is. While kids are bemoaning the inevitable return to homework and early bedtimes, parents are remembering what it’s like to not be 24/7 entertainment directors. For retailers, this period is also a huge sales boost across most industries. While school supplies, electronics, sports gear, and apparel top most school sales, we also have plenty of college-bound students who need household wares, cars, and gift cards.

Old Hacks, New Payments

It’s a long, fascinating moment of transition in the world of payments — and for payments around the world.  That changing landscape includes virtual wallets, growing P2P payments, and ways to make existing platforms more secure — as with the EMV standards coming to American payment cards this fall.

How To Do Online Payment Processing Confidently

For many people, any transaction involving money requires a sense of confidence. There is an implied trust when money is going from one person to another, whether that money is meant to pay for a service or a specific product. The person handing the money over wants to know that it is being exchanged for the specific thing that they want, and the person receiving the money wants to know that she/ he is getting the right amount, in timely fashion.