Card Use Slows in Summer, Yet New Ways to Spend on Horizon

We always like when two seemingly unrelated bits of news emerge to make a pattern, or perhaps two points on a related map. On the one hand, we have another report from the Fed that, as Reuters puts it, “growth in U.S. consumer credit slowed for the second straight month in July, held back by a decline in a measure of credit card usage that hinted at a mood of caution among consumers.”

Make Paper Checks a Thing of the Past

In today’s world, many things are done electronically such as buying and selling items and video chatting with your friends and family thousands of miles away. Whether you have been in business for 15 years or 5 months, you probably have, or need to, integrated some form of current technology into your business to stay current and ensure you don’t lose business due to lack of payment options.

Online, or In-Store, Your Customers Shop With Devices In Hand

Online, or In-Store, Your Customers Shop With Devices In Hand The Blurring Lines Between Online and Offline Shopping Online marketing…

Smart Phones Make it Easy to Accept Credit Card Payments Anywhere

It is amazing how far we have come in the technological age in such a short time. The first cellular phones came to the market in the 80’s. At that time, analog was the only frequency available and portable phones were only a vision. Digital phones came about in the 90’s and have grown increasingly popular ever since.

Changes in Attitude, and in Credit Score Latitude

Two news items this week show that your customers relationship to the credit cards they use to buy from you are changing. And also, more of them might be deemed worthy of that credit that previously thought.

‘On the Spot’ Processing with a Cell Phone Credit Card Reader

AVP Solutions provides business merchant account services to all types of businesses around the world. Our experience of 25 years has situated us as an industry leader in providing merchants with the easiest methods to receive payment for their products and services. We evolve with technology so that you always have access to the latest payment options at the most competitive prices.

Accept Payments on the Go with Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing

Receiving payment instantly for your service is not only business efficient but it can mean cost savings from not having to ‘chase’ your customer for payment. Whether you’re an electrician, a plumber, a trade show exhibitor, or a home sales representative, you can receive payment immediately, wherever you are.

Checks, Charges, and Changes

We always like it, here at the AVPS blog, when pieces of “separate” financial news combine to make a single, bigger story, or to provide a trendline.

That’s happened again this summer, when a story about checks — and then another — caught our eye. The first was an article written in anticipation of an upcoming report from the Federal Reserve, which charts consumer payment habits.

Get the Best Merchant Services with AVP Solutions

Today, there are many different ways that customers pay and if you can’t accommodate a preferred method for a customer, money is lost. As a merchant, you need to be able to accept all forms of payment so that you don’t miss a sale.