Retail, E-commerce or Mobile – You Need a Merchant Account Partner

In today’s economy, every business has to adopt a cutting edge strategy in order not only to survive, but prosper.  Whether your business is a store front, online or takes you on the road, you need to be able to accept payment in all forms.  Cash has taken a backseat to credit cards, debit cards, checks, online payments and mobile payment processing.

Late Card Payments Decline — New Customer Use Patterns Emerging?

In increasing signs of a perking — or at least, stabilizing — economy, comes the news that late payments on credit cards are at a 20-year low. According to an AP article, the credit reporting bureau TransUnion is reporting “ the second-lowest recorded since the second quarter of 1994, when the rate was 0.56 percent, and it’s running ahead of the historical average of 1.03 percent. The firm’s records go back to 1992.”

Make the Most of your Sales with a Website Merchant Account

For parts of the last two decades, hundreds of millions of dollars have been transacted through the Internet and millions of people have gotten wealthy by positioning themselves in a relatively new way of doing business.  The trend continues today and there has never been more need for a business merchant provider to help your business with online payment services and overall guidance in transacting business electronically.

How do I get a Merchant Account for my New Business?

Sometimes it seems that the system doesn’t work for the new guy on the block.  Obstacles seem to be everywhere to prevent you from starting your new business.  Financing, government regulations, business plans and upfront costs all contain their own hurdles that must be overcome in order to get your business off the ground.

Credit Card Tips for When “Back to School” Means “Off to College”

We’re probably as surprised as you that it’s already “back to school” time in so many places, for so many students. Aren’t we still a few weeks away from our Labor Day barbecues!?

On the Move with Your Work? Take advantage of a Wireless Credit Card Service

There are many types of businesses that accept credit cards including on line E-commerce companies on the Internet and store front retailers as well as service companies.  But what if your work takes you on the road?  Contractors, repair companies and even those companies who exhibit in trade shows have a need to offer credit card processing solutions.

Understanding ACH (Automated Clearing House)

When you are starting your business there are a myriad of things to think about.  One of the most important issues is how you will generate enough revenue to make a profit and for the first few years, even survive.  Assuming you have a solid marketing plan in place to bring buyers to your online store or store front premises, how do you get the customer to purchase your products or services once they are there?

Will Convergence, and New Tech, Help Reduce Fraud?

The first appeared on the Small Business Trends website, and is a very useful, practical listing of “12 Tips for Merchants to Fight Credit Card Fraud at the Point of Sale.” Among the helpful pointers are the suggestion to actually compare signatures on the slip (or screen) versus the card — a practice which has fallen out of favor — and watching out for large sales, or seemingly distracted customers, rushing a purchase right at closing time.

Credit Card Processing with a Virtual Terminal

How many times have you had a customer that wanted to purchase your product or service but you were unable to process the transaction.  These situations usually occur when the credit card holder is not present and you potentially lose the sale.  That doesn’t have to happen any longer.